Charity Dzieketey, LICSW

Charity Dzieketey has a master’s degree majoring in Children and Families. She has thirteen years of Clinical Social work experience, working Adults, Geriatric and Families. As an LICSW provider, Charity has rendered professional services for hospitals, inpatient/outpatient mental healthcare facilities, government and private agencies. Her extended services include children in foster and adoptive care, training potential foster parents and licensing homes, family preservation, crisis intervention, Adult Protective Services and mental health counseling.

She is authentic, with a genuine caring heart for people and appreciates helping others navigate through their life challenges. She is person-centered, culturally sensitive and believes in meeting people where they are in their journey of life. She is tenacious and passionate about empowering and helping others, enhance their quality of life and being the best version of themselves. Charity practices a diverse methodology in mental health counseling with a primary focus on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Her clinical mission is to fulfill her purpose in life and be the guide and bridge that connects people to their destination.

Her future goals embrace the utilization of her knowledge, skills, and abilities in social work; foster and operate group homes for orphans; and to oversee multiple charitable organizations that provide aid to those in need.

“What We Do Now Echoes In Eternity” ~ Marcus Aurelius

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