Practice and Insurance FAQ’s

Do you accept my insurance?
On our web page you can see the major insurance we accept. If it is a subsidiary of the major insurance the coverage will need to be verified.

How much will I have to pay if I use my insurance?
Coverage varies per insurance and your employers or your contract with the insurance company. You may have a deductible, standard copay/flat fee or a coinsurance/percentage. Your insurance card copy will allow us to verify more details, it is always best for us to have both sides of your insurance card after you complete your pre-registration process

How much do I need to pay if I do not have insurance coverage?
Please send us an email asking about these rates. They change periodically.

Can couples sessions be covered in an EAP session?
Sahaya Therapy is not honoring Couples EAP’s at the present time.

After EAP sessions are used what do I do?
After EAP sessions, if the client wishes to continue then regular medical insurance is used.

Can I start sessions without the HIPAA and CONSENT form?
We are ethically supposed to check the Consent form, HIPAA, and other demographic documentation before the first visit to avoid future misunderstandings.

Will I have flexibility to do Face to Face or Telehealth sessions after the Pandemic ends?
Yes, it all depends on the insurance coverage for such offsite sessions. We will need to verify that with them after the pandemic ends. In the meantime, we are using a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform for the sessions.

Where is it Located? Are walk-ins allowed? Is the building safe?
Our practice is located at 1629 K St, NW, #300, Washington, D.C., 20008. We prefer you make an appointment so we can better serve you. Yes, the building is safe on a busy street and after 6pm building is locked with a secure check-in.

Who should use Sahaya Therapy, LLC? Why is it different from other practices?
Our practice serves adults who are experiencing psychological, psychiatric, stress management, recovery from co-occurring disorders, pre-marital, marital, and other life stressors. Our practice differs with a focus on diversity by passionate and culturally competent staff, with an intuitive, person-centered, and humanistic approach in a warm, consistent, and safe environment.

Other related questions for the client to choose the right therapist?
Is the therapist easy to speak to? Is she guarded, patient? Can I trust the provider? Was the provider listening to me? Is the provider competent? Am I feeling safe?

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