Start Your Journey Toward Mental Clarity

Licensed Mental Health Professionals to Help you Grow

Start Your Journey Toward Mental Clarity

Licensed Mental Health Professionals to Help you Grow

Welcome to Sahaya Therapy, LLC

At Sahaya Therapy, LLC, we believe that each individual that seeks therapy has decided to make an important decision to learn more about their condition. We understand that asking for help and taking the first step feels challenging. Our staff are committed, trained, enthusiastic, dedicated and are available to help clients to take charge and create the desired healthy outcomes in behavior and to discover the road to recovery. Since March 2020, our practice has chosen to be all Telehealth with a secure HIPAA video platform using


“Sahaya Therapy and Sudha have been a game changer for me. She’s helped me talk through some painful patterns and provided me with the tools to get through this roller coaster ride called life. From my darkest hours to my most joyous moments, I’ve come to rely on this support—-all the while with her encouraging me to find my own solutions and to rely on the tools we’ve practiced.”

~ B.B.

“I first met Mrs. Sudha Purihella at one of the lowest points of my life and I needed an immediate intervention. Previously, I had been looking for help since being medically discharged from service and could not find a good fit that could meet all my needs and issues. Luckily, I finally found Ms. Purihella, and with her therapy approach and support I have made it through personal losses and disasters that would have crippled me in the past with long lasting consequences. Early on, my temper honestly got the best of me and I quit Sahaya therapy in an adult tantrum. My life immediately fell apart again. Eventually, I was able to humble myself, open my mind, and hold myself accountable and returned back. Greatest decision of my life, literally exemplifying the “even a broken clock…” cliche. I had worried she would not accept me back, but instead found her warmly welcoming me back and my life has been blessed ever since. It is my sincere belief that I owe my continued life, employment, and marriage to Sahaya Therapy. She has a gift, and it is clear that this is her calling. Amazingly, she never quit on me – despite my past default behavior to always quit on myself and attempt to destroy everything around me.”

~ C.B.


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