Valerie Silver

LCADC - Maryland

Valerie Silver has nearly a decade of experience in providing therapeutic services in Behavioral Health. Her warm and inviting personality in conjunction with her compassion for helping people that desire change and guidance towards gaining stability in life.

As a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor for 5 years, she has partnered and specialized with clients experiencing co-occurring disorders and substance use disorders namely alcohol, stimulants, opioid, and hallucinogen use.

Valerie Silver desires to implement several evidence based therapeutic approaches that include CBT, DBT, grounding techniques, mindfulness, and various meditation styles to treat PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Trauma with Victims of sexual assault, Domestic violence, and Relationship Issues.

Her professional relationship with clients is established on mutual respect, trust, and congruence, which she recognizes as a healthy curative relationship. Furthermore, she admits that her extensive experience has revealed that a person will modify and invite change and learn to incorporate the skills they need to cope when it is the right time, and they believe there is a legitimate purpose for inviting the desired change into their lives.

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